Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nyoman Sugiarta

Nyoman is Chairman of IHKA Bali Committee for period 2006 - 2009. He currently works in Sheraton Laguna as an Executive Housekeeper. He started his career really from the bottom and surely creeping up to reach his current position. We might don't believe that he used to be a hawkers who sould work all day under the sun on Kuta beach or in cold weather all night at Legian Street to sell whatever he could to the tourist. Chased away by the security was his daily experience. By luck he was found by bapak Hendrik Da Costa, the Executive Housekeeper of Pertamina Cottage who then brought him to work at Puri Ratih Hotel.

He started his career in hospitality industry from this hotel. Becaused of his eagerness to learn hotel operation and to improve his experience he decised to move to Bali Dynasty as opening team in 1990. But unfortunately he has to be dismissed becaused of the middle east crisis has caused very bad impact to hospitality industry in Bali. No visitor at all for couple of months especially for the new open hotel.

Again he had to experience difficult life until Nusa Indah Convention Center hired him as a Floor Supervisor. His good life was started from this hotel. His background dealt with difficult life has driven him to be a very enthusiastic person, hard work, and always did the best that he could.

His decision to leave Nusa Indah to move to Sheraton Laguna in 19996 to take the position of Assistant Executive Housekeeper was a big step in his life. We can say that as in this worldy chain hotel he became a star and was promoted to be an Executive Housekeeper in the year of 2000.

Eventhough he has experienced lots of difficulty in his life his sense of humor is not gone. If you ask him what kind sport he likes most, he will answer with big lough, " I love to watch foot ball but I still prefer to see a group of beautiful girls doing body language exercise in the sport centre". Or if you ask him his interesting experience he will tell you how nervous he was when first time travelling by air plane to Sheraton Yogyakarta. He was very nerveous and had to keep praying all the way even when the plane was already landed. Untill he jamp to the taxi then he could settle himself.

Now he is enjoying his good life. Listening all kind of music, shopping to mall, clubbing and those kind of life style. This is his way to make himself and his family happy because is motto is: to enjoy our life in happines we shold keep our life balance like "+" and we have to position ourself as a dot in the centre of the "+".

Now he is our chairman. He was ellected by aclamation to lead the organization considering his lasting dedication to IHKA, and his great echievement when chairing the committee of Rakerda and Seminar IHKA Bali 2004 in Bali Hilton Nusa Dua.

Ketut Gunartha - Vice Chairman

It is always difficult for me to write about myself especially to keep objectivity. However I should do it to share with all of us. I currently work in Amankila Resort as Executive Housekeeper. Love Pop music, tennis is my favorite sport at a moment.First of all I would like to say that I create this weblog myself as an expression of my love to our organization. As a person who involved when this organization was re-formed in 1997 I just simply want our organization exist forever. When Pak Nyoman Sugiarta, Our new Chairman contacted me to become secretary of IHKA Bali for period 2006 – 2009 I just simply can not refuse. Over night I was thinking on what I should do to give more color to the organization. I should make something that we have never had before, or do something that we have never done before. When I woke up in the morning suddenly I show an architecture magazine on my table with website address at the bottom. Yes, Web. That is the one that I should create for the organization.

At the end of Rakerda 2006 I raised this idea to several committees and the chairman supported this idea. As we are a social professional organization, not a profit oriented company then we decided to make a free hosting web and I choose Blog, the one that very popular at this decade.

Writing about my life, I should say that my life when I was child was not easy. I probably can say that I have lost my childhood and teenage time that for most people is the most enjoyable time. Was born in a farmer family which is not even own one square meter of land you can imagine how hard was our daily life. Luckily I was born in Sukawati, where so many things that we can do to earn money. When government started to develop tourism sector round 1980, wood carving, leather puppet, painting, mask, etc were all became home industry there. Making one of those things was what I have done to earn money to be able to buy cloth and to funding my education. You may don’t believe if I say that I started to earn money when I was 10 years old, when I was still in elementary school. I started to fund my school since then. My daily schedule was always the same all over the year. Went to school in the morning, went to work shop in the afternoon, study in the evening. No weekly day off. On Sunday I had to be in the work shop all day. I had to do this to get a proper education to make my dream come true “A better life”.However I had to forget my dream to continue my study in university because of financial problem. I had to leave Udayana as there was no way that I could fund myself in this faculty. Then I turned to Hotel Institute in Nusa Dua which has brought me to my profession as an hotelier.

In term of career, among all committees I might the one who have the shortest list of hotel to work with. I only have two hotels to mention. First Bali Hilton Nusa Dua, and secondly Amankila Resorts on east Bali. I started my career in Bali Hilton as Housekeeping Attendant in 1990 and resigned eleven month after commencement date to join Amankila Resort as Housekeeping Supervisor. Three years later I was promoted to Assistant Executive Housekeeper fully responsible for housekeeping department as the Executive Housekeeper has resigned. One year closely monitored by the manager then I was promoted to be an Executive Housekeeper. Loving the resort, its location, company philosophy, and style of service really make me enjoy working in this fabulous resort until now.

Don’t you get bored? This question was quite often raised by friends. To be honest some time yes. But given award to travel and stay in sister hotel and opportunity to be involve in opening new sister resort in other countries have helped me out from routine daily operation and enabled me to experience the beauty of other part of the world which is I have never dreamed.In many cases those experiences have changed my perception about the countries that I have visited, wherever it was, whether Singapore, Thailand, Morocco, Paris or India.

Desert is an example. Before, desert is not interesting place at all to me. Dry, hot, no water, windy, sandy etc. But when first time I show the desert from the air plane on my flight from Charles de Gaulle, Paris to Marrakech, Morocco on North Africa my perception has suddenly changed. I was interested to be in the desert. That was why on my day off during tiring opening “Amanjena” in Morocco, I went to see the desert even though it was two hours drive from the property. If Iwan Fals describe sun set in Kuta as “Mata Dewa” in his song, STING describe Marrakech as “desert of the roses” reflecting that the country has spectacular desert sun set combine with colorful roses all over the city.

Am I fallen in love with the desert? Maybe yes. Exited by my unforgettable memory in desert of Morocco, I and three of friends have chosen Thar Desert Sanctuary as a place to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day when we was in Rajasthan, India on 17 August 2003. We have stay over night in a tent style accommodation in the middle of the desert. Riding camel in late afternoon to watch sun set from the top hill of the desert was another lovely moment. Color on the sky was fabulous and I could not forget until now.

Rajasthan, India has not only amazed me with desert. Well known as the land of Maharajahs, this state have plenty of unbelievable Palaces such as Umaid Bhawan Palace, Balsamand Palace, and Sadarsamand Palace which are located in the blue city of Jodhpur, Lake Palace and Devi Garh in Udaipur, and Rambagh Palace in the pink city of Jaipur. All of those palaces now are converted into high rate accommodation managed by international chain hotel. Living in the palaces with the Maharajah, Maharani, the prince and princes has allowed me to learn and understand their culture, and the history of Rathore Rajputana, the Palace family in modernization of India before independance. Also I could witnessed their dance, music, song which is very attractive.

A totally different experience from the Palaces was when I explored the tiger sanctuary of Sawai Madopur Where Aman -I-Khas one of our sister resort is located. Driving an open jeep to spot tiger, summer deer, leopard, bear and eagle in the hilly forest of Rantambore National Park was a really unforgettable journey.

All Indian were saying “Visiting Taj Mahal is a must when traveling to India”. I had to wake up at 05; 00 early morning to take first train from New Delhi which took four hours to be able to see this remarkable love monument. This one of seven wonder of the world is located in Agra State and visited by thousands of people everyday to witness un-describable beautiful carved white marble palace as an expression of love of the King to the princes. Apart from Taj Mahal itself Agra is rich in art and culture such as handcraft, marble carving, stone, Moghul and Kashmir carpet, which all are amazing. All have given me another perspective of the world.

Thanks God, I was given opportunity to witness all of those things which are most peoples in the world may only read it in the book.This cultural and nature experience was big different from everything I have seen in Phuket when I traveled to Thailand. Beach, snorkeling, cruising, elephant riding, Budish temple are all that we can see and enjoy there. All are similar to Bali. And of course are totally different from the one that I have experienced when I traveled to Singapore which is super modern and tremendously clean.

I Made Guna Ambara - Secretary

Guna Ambara now is our new secretary. At the moment he is working in Hard Rock Hotel, in Kuta but he is going to move to the other property soon. Please wait for the full story

I Ketut Tusan Aryasa - Secretary

Tusan is Secretary of IHKA Bali Committee for period 2006 – 2009. He currently works as Executive Housekeeper in Ramada Bintang Bali Resort, Tuban.

Handsome, smart and clever……that is the first impression that you will fell when you meet this enthusiastic person. The way how he steps into the hospitality industry shows us that he is very potential person from the beginning. Imagine…..before graduating his study in Hotel and Tourism Institute Nusa Dua he was hired by Bali Resort Palace Hotel Tanjung Benoa to start his career from rank and file staff as Room Attendant.
Luckily Bali was flooded by visitor round 1989. Many new hotels were built to balance the supply with so high demand of room at that glorious tourism era. Realized so many opportunities around Bali and to improve his career he resigned from Bali Resort Palace to join Bali Dynasty to take a position as Floor Supervisor. Because of his dedication and great job in this hotel he was promoted to be an Assistant Executive Housekeeper after four years in his previous position.
To expand the experience, to improve knowledge and for self actualization were the reason why he left this company to join Radisson Sanur even though the position offered to him was the same as in previous property. His capability and his great performance in this hotel totally impressed the Manager. Promotion to Executive Housekeeper was confirmed to him just one and half year after joining the company. It was a great achievement, wasn’t it? As a person who loves challenges he decided to move again to Kuta area to join Ramada Bintang Bali until now.

If we ask him whether he has planned to be a hotel employee since a child or not, like most of us, he will say no. Actually he wanted to be a head of a district. His failure to achieve it has brought him to a very interesting experience in Nusa Dua when first time entering the hotel. As a young man who was born in the village on east Bali where we can only find simple houses, farm, and cows we can imagine how he was astonished when entered Nusa Dua area with beautifully carved gate, well trimmed grass, super modern hotel building, and those kinds of fabulous tourist facilities. This amazing tourist zone has given him high motivation to work in tourism sector, and he has made it.
In his daily life Tusan is quite strive forward person. He doesn’t like to spend his time to hang around in the busy and crowded places like shopping mall, or those kinds of night life places. He prefers to spend time at home to take care his own garden, reading, listening music especially Balinese pop music, or playing tennis and badminton to keep his body in a good shape. Maybe because of this homey life style he has never fallen in love with girl out side of his working place. He has falling in love and finally married to the most beautiful girl in the hotel where he works, in his department and she is his staff. Oldies Javanese people will say “Tresno jalaraning suko kulino” while young people in today era will say “CINLOK”. It doesn’t matter whatever people says. The most important thing is now they are living in harmony with two sons and one daughter, a perfect family.

I Nyoman Wija - Treasure

I Nyoman Wija.Wija is coordinator of Tuban Area and now also is appointed to be our New Treasure. He currently works as Executive Housekeeper in Risata Hotel. He is married man with one son and one daughter. Love to play Badminton in his free time.His career was started in Puri Santrian Sanur from 1988 – 1990. He started from rank and file staff as a Houseman, Room Boy and then was promoted to Room Supervisor. In 1990 he took position of Assistant Executive Housekeeper in Risata Hotel. Because there was no Executive Housekeeper he has to fully in charge for daily operation of Housekeeping Department. In 1992 he was promoted to Executive Housekeeper.In 1999 he moved to Jimbaran Hills Resort to take the position of Room Division Manager. This hotel was managed by Aston for period 1999 – 2004. Aston decided to not longer manage this property because of Bali Recovery program was not as fast as expected. Because of this situation he then moved to Barong Cottage as Duty Manager.“First love never die”. Have you ever seen this movie? It is a beautiful movie with gorgeous scene from start to the end. But I am not talking about movie now. I am talking about Nyoman Wija and his love to the first department where he work when first time step into hotel. Because of love he decided to come back to Housekeeping by taking the position of Housekeeper in Wina Cottage before taking position of Executive Housekeeper in Karma Resort Jimbaran, a member of the small leading hotel of the world.In 2006 He decided to come back to Risata Hotel as Executive Housekeeper.
Ida Ketut MuditaMudita is Coordinator for Legian Area. He currently works in Bali Padma Hotel as Assistant Housekeeping Manager. He loves dangdut but not Rhoma. Swimming is his favorite sport.Actually his education background is not hotel or tourism. In 1988, when he graduated his study in PGAH he decided to leave Bali and went to Lombok to step into tourism industry as a Laundry Attendant. One year later he decided to come back to Bali and joined Bali Intan Cottages as a trainee in laundry department. From Bali Intan he moved to Kuta Jaya for one year as Steward. In 1990 Bali Padma Hotel hired him as full time employee. He started his career in this hotel from the bottom as Laundry Helper. His dedication and strong motivation drive him to creeping up his position to be Laundry crew, Supervisor and Assistant Laundry Manager. At the end he was given challenge to be Housekeeping team as Assistant Housekeeping Manager.His motto? Life is beautiful, success is a result of big effort and Balinese philosophy “ ede ngaden awak bisa, depang anake ngadanin. (Don’t be snobby, let people judge how you are)Fishing is what he normally does in his free time. But when you ask him to choose restaurant he will never go to Chinese Restaurant as he doesn’t know how to eat using chop stick.


Executive Housekeeper Grand Istana Rama
Koordinator Wilayah Kuta
Putu Arya Wari Gunawan

Executive Housekeeper Aston Denpasar

Koordinator Wilayah Denpasar

Wayan Suwitra

Executive Housekeeper The Westin

Koordinator Wilayah Nusa Dua

Made Subudi

Executive Housekeeper Sofitel Seminyak

Koordinator Wilayah Seminyak & Kerobokan

Nyoman Ratep

Executive Housekeeper Sanur Paradise Plaza

Koordinator Wilayah Sanur

Ketut Muliarta

Executive Housekeeper Alila Uluwaut

Koordinator Wilayah Jumbaran

Ida Ketut Mudita

Executive Housekeeper Padma Resort

Koordinator Wilayah Legian

Made Jani
Executive Housekeeper Conrad Bali

Koordinator Wilayah Tanjung Benoa

Made Dastra
Housekeeping Supervisor
Koordinator Wilayah Tabanan

Made Dana
Executive Housekeeper Royal Pitamaha
Koordinator Wilayah Ubud